We arrived in Lillehammer late in the afternoon, having taken the E6 over Lake Mjøsa and back again.  The road was long and, as with much of the rest of the country, the laid-back speed limits seemed to make it stretch on forever. You can’t visit Lillehammer without visiting the Olympic ski jump and we […]

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Ocean Film Festival 2017

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is back for 2017 and as part of the nationwide tour is heading back to the Plaza Cinema, Stockport, on the 5th October! Dive into this brand-new collection of films, each featuring incredible cinematography from rarely explored corners of the ocean! Take the plunge with world-champion freedivers as they […]

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Hamar’s Glass Cathedral

Day two in Norway and the clouds cleared and gave way to blue sky and sunshine.  We headed north on the E18, catching glimpses of Oslo-fjord as our hire car picked up its heels, making the most of the 110km/hr speed limit that this stretch of road allowed.  We soon reached Oslo and we plunged […]

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Our first 24 hours in Norway, it rained (our first three days in Norway it rained).  A constant drizzle with intermittent torrential downpours that ensured that shoes were soaked through and hands became clammy and cold. We had arrived at Oslo Torp and made our way to Tønsberg, the oldest town in Norway, were we […]

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Ocean Hope

This month I’m trying out Plastic Free July – part of a wider campaign to reduce consumption of single-use plastic and as a result reduce the amount of plastic getting into our oceans.  Plastic in oceans is everyone’s problem and has huge impact’s on wildlife and ecosystems.  A million single use plastic bottles are bought […]

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