Welcome =D

Firstly, welcome to my blog! At the moment it probably looks a bit crap, because I haven’t really worked out how to use this wordpress thing.. :P

This first blog might sound a bit depressing and moan-y, but I promise they won’t all be like this! Just started at a blog at a rubbish time is all! ;)

So, as people who know me will know I have a horse on loan called Oscar.  He’s a 16.2 chestnut thorough bred who was trained to race.  And he’s a BABE!! Recently he’s been acting a bit funny when I’ve been riding and when his owners have been turning him out, bucking and cat-leaping and things.  Turns out he slipped his pelvis, twisted something else and done something to his kidney.  Sound a bit vague? This is why I loan the horse and don’t own it! ;) So anyway his owner got on him and he still isn’t right, really has slipped his pelvis so the chiropractor will come out and hopefully fix him! (So many fingers crossed at this point!)  But it’s not all bad because his lovely and amazing owner has said that I can have a go on her jazzy dressage horse until I can ride Oscar again.  I’m hoping it isn’t as crazy as it’s name suggests (Nutters) ;)

Sooo I think that’s all :) If anyone has anything they think I should write a blog about tell me on twitter: @sailormads

Speak soon =D xx


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