Lawn mowing, hedge hogs and poetry ;)

Our lawn was so long you’d have thought we were growing it for hay! So I thought I’d cut it- not a hard job and it’ll only take me half an hour or so and then I can do my English coursework… How wrong was I?!
As it was so long I moved the blades on the mower up a bit because it wouldn’t pick it up otherwise. But as the grass was slightly wet it all clogged up in the mower and growled at me, so I had to turn it upside-down and pull all the grass out. I did this every 2 strips of grass.
So I did all the lawn at that length, and mover the blades down and mowed it all again. Again, I had to un-clog it every 2 strips and this time it wasn’t picking up the grass. So I went over it all again to try and pick up the bits it had spat out, which worked to some extent but there was still a lot of grass left. I would have left it but last time I did that it killed the grass underneath…
So out came the rake and I raked up all of the grass. 2 hours.
I got a brush out and cleaned all the grass off the lawnmower, thinking it wouldn’t be used again for a while.

Then I remembered the front lawn. Repeat above for the front lawn. In total it took me 2hrs30 to do a job that normally takes 30 minutes.
On the plus side, I think I found a hedgehog! This would explain why the dog was spending so much time staring at a pile of logs.. Under the logs are some paving slabs and under the paving slabs was a hole and lots of scrape marks and a pile of mud! And inside the hole was a hedgehog!! Well I think it was, I couldn’t really see it, it just looked like a ball of dry grass. Hope it wasn’t a rat’s nest or something! :O I’m going with hedgehog for now, hope he has a happy hibernation =D

What else was I going to write about.. Oh yeah, poetry ;) A few days ago I was helping Holly with her English homework. She had to write a guide to analysing poems and we came up with a few ideas but then got a bit stuck. So I suggested she wrote a poem that we could analyse and work out what it was we were doing so she could write about it. And this was the poem she came up with:
Oh how I see thee,
With one’s hair in the wind,
It makes me think, oh gee!
You really should be binned.

I’d like to say ‘I love you’,
But I’m afraid I cannot lie.
For if I said ‘I love you’,
I’d have to curl up and die.

Sometime I think you’re minging,
And that I know is true,
And when I hear you singing
I have to hide in the loo!

One day you will be cleaner,
Will have washed like never before,
And I will probably be meaner,
And we will be at war.

Don’t ya just love little sisters? XD

Quick update on Oscar before I go-
He had a treatment today when she put his pelvis back in place and gave him a bit of a pamper really ;) Hopefully I’ll be able to ride him again about Tuesday, finger’s crossed!
See ya’ll soon <3 xx


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