And we’re back in business!

Oscar had his pelvis put back in and the lady gave him a tissue treatment. She’s coming back soon to double check he’s all okay :)
Went up to ride him and he had a shoe loose but it wasn’t moving so I got on him anyway. He was completely back to his normal self! He was a bit lazy at first but once we’d had a bit of a canter he perked up! The school seemed quite deep and my stirrups were waaay too long so I was having a bit of difficulty keeping him out on circles but I can fix that. I’m really pleased that he’s better now. The farrier came out and fixed his shoe- he couldn’t work out how he’d done it! Oscar had managed to pull all the nails out of the inside. We reckon he pulled them out with his teeth to try and have an excuse not to be ridden!

Anyways that’s all for now, enjoy =D


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