It’s been some time…

And I haven’t blogged in AGES! I know… sorry..
Soo first of all, Oscar :)
He has been very good since his pelvis was put back in. And he’s only had the farrier out 3 times since…. I was having some issues with his school – I think he got bored as I was schooling him a lot. He was doing the most beautiful shoulder-in. Only I didn’t want him to shoulder in, I wanted to do a 20m circle! >.< Having tried quite a ways of stopping this – to no avail- I contacted Lorraine Jennings, my trusting online instructor ;) You can follow her on twitter @pollson or read her School You Horse blog
Anyway, I can't remember EXACTLY what she said, because I can't find the twitter post ;) But her advice was brilliant and involved using hands, legs etc independently to tell each bit of him what to do. Which is what I should have been doing anyway really.. I tried out what she said and it really worked, and I have been able to use her advice in other schooling things. I even made up my own exercise which tests if your horse is listening to you telling it which canter lead to take.
First read
This will help understand why you're doing things.
First, take up a 20m circle at A. Do it in trot at first but you could also do it in walk if you wanted to practice walk-canter transitions. But I wouldn't do it from walk unless you have a well established walk-canter transition.
Trot the circles a few times and then change the rein at x so you are do a circle at C, changing your diagonal. When you get back to x, ask for canter AS YOU CHANGE REIN. So you will be canter at A, on the correct leg – hopefully. So when you get to x, you need to change the inside flexion (?) to go the other way, and ask for canter with your INSIDE leg back, so the horse canters on the correct leg for the new rein. I'd just like to say this isn't from Lorraine so if it's absolute rubbish don't blame her ;)
Update on a few other random things, I've finished my UCAS application! WOOOOO!!! I have applied to do Rural Land Management at Harper Adams University College, in Shropshire :) So now it's just a waiting game to see if I get an interview, and to try and get some good grades. Which might be the issue…
Bit gutted at the moment, it's all cold and wintery and I want to go shooting but the shoot shut down at the end of last season because the farm was sold to the Northmoor Trust, which is a bit rubbish :/

Anyway that's all from me, better go get ready to go to the yard and do some jumping, I'll tell you all about it!
Maddi + Oscar :) xx


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