3rd November… :)

Just a quick little blog to check in really…

The worst thing that happened to me today:..
One of the heels on my boots started to squeak when I walk >.< Which isn't bad at all so that's pretty good going! And then it fixed itself!!

Something funny that happened:..
In biology we had to look at each other's homework about conservation. Rachel got mine and noticed where I'd written that a management technique was 'grazing and burning heather' it looked like 'bumming heather'. Which was a lot funnier at the time I'll assure you ;)

Good things today:..
I wasn't completely lost in Biology! Actually, I understood it! Which is a massive big deal to me at the moment because I haven't been feeling too good about it!
Also, when I took Bramble for a walk I had a chance to reflect on my school session with Oscar yesterday. It went really well but I know there are a couple of little things I need to improve on, but I had such a great time anyway I didn't want to dwell on them. But now I need to actually improve it so I'll be going back to Lorraine's blog schoolyourhorse to find out how! At least I know what is wrong with it, I read it in one of her blogs a while back so it's just a case of re-capping on it.

Oscar is very well at the moment! All his shoes are on and all his bones in the right place! Another big thing is that he has started drinking which is such a relief because no-one could work out why he wasn't, and all sorts of things were coming up to try and make him drink more but now he is doing it himself it's so much easier! You know what they say, you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink! Did have a scare with some deer the other day but that was made worse by me being in a bad mood and getting scared of him not really doing anything :L Wooops well it won't happen again!

Bramble was being a bit annoying and completely ignoring me, so I've gone back to basics with him and done some standard recall training and basically asserting myself over him a lot more and it seems to have worked! He was very good when I took him out today, but we are going shooting on Saturday and considering he hasn't been since February – and he's never very well behaved out shooting anyway – I know it's all going to be a bit of a disaster obedience wise! Never mind we'll have fun and no-one minds because there won't be any birds anyway :L hehe

School is still a bit stressful but we've worked out a plan. Been doing an Extended Project Qualification to give me some more brownie points with universities and I've got lots of idea's for that! Having applied to university now it's just a waiting game for them to get back to me! Fingers crossed!!!
All my free time has been spent either doing extra work for school or riding, so that about sums up my life!

I'm wearing:..
Skinny black trousers from Zara
American Eagle navy long sleeve top which my mum brought back from Canada
Knee-high wooly sock which go in my Rydale boots- cos I just got back from walking the dog!

I'm cooking:…
Roasted Butternut Squash with tomato, chickpea and spinach :)
Mmmmmmmm Oh, and sausages ;D
I'll post the recipe when I've got more time, it's from the BBC 101 Low-fat Feasts cookbook



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