Here we go again…

So, a lot of you will know that I don’t own Oscar myself; I share him from his owner who hasn’t time for him. This is a good arrangement for me because I want the freedom to ride whenever I like but don’t have time to do yard duties or go up every day because of school, or if I’m away. It helps his owner because he is getting ridden properly around 4/5 times a week, and I can keep up with his schooling. She gives me lessons too :)

This weekend she took her other horses to dressage camp, and I looked after Oscar. I really enjoyed getting up to muck out and stuff, thought it gave me a reason to start the day. Dad came in the mornings because on Saturday it was a bit icy and I’ve only been drivng 2 weeks. When I got home from the yard mum was still in bed! Then on Saturday I went up at about 2 and rode before I put him to bed. He’s been a bit funny about me getting on recently and it’s got progressively worse. To begin with I could put him between the fence and the block and he’s stay still, but he sussed that and stepped forwards. So after about 5 minutes I got on. My sister had come to the yard with me and but was a pain and refused to hold him incase he ‘went crazy and attacked’ her. No further comment.

When I finally got on he wsa quite forward to start, and then very looky and slightly spooky at one end of the school. But although he was forward in walk, he was reluctant to trot. When he did trot it was forward, but he really wasn’t keen on canter! Got a bit out of him but he wasn’t happy at all so I stopped and just walked round a few times before tucking him up in bed. 

Today he had the day off and I informed his owner about him not being right. She’s going to look at him on Tuesday when I ride next (the hunt are out across our land tomorrow so all horses are in and riding isn’t advised…) Hopefull it won’t be anything, but he’s put his pelvis out before when I first started riding him in September, so there is every possibility that it could be that :( It’s annoying because her horse put his pelvis out being a loon in his field last week, so the chiro has been out to him. Why can’t horses do these things at the same time rather than a week apart?!

Apart from that I have really enjoyed looking after Oscar this weekend, and may offer to come and look after him more even when they’re away, just as a reason to get up. It meant that I could start my coursework at 9.30 (after several breakfasts and shower) whereas normally I’d only be getting up then!  I am quite tired but I think that’s more because I babysat on Saturday so got back very late, got up early this morning and spent the day shopping! Early night tonight I think!

Cross your fingers for me and Oscar that his pelvis is all good and he’s just being naughty! At least you can train that out!


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