So much to say so little time…

Well, for those of you interested I thought I’d let you know about the interview.

It went well (I think). He asked me questions that I was expecting and I think I gave clear, confident -and right!- answers. The only thing I have doubts about is that when he asked me why I wanted to be a Chartered Surveyor, I said because you get out of the office on occasion and get to go on site- I’d hate to be stuck behind a desk ALL the time. After asking me about what I liked about the course (All of it, duh! How do I answer that one? :S) he returned to this point. He explained how the course was very desk based- the more so of any other course that university offers. While I totally understood that, I was slightly worried that I had come across as not understanding the course. I do understand that and I do know about the course! He talked about it for quite a long time… I hope he doesn’t think I haven’t got a clue!

There was more than just an interview, so it was a pretty long day! To make sure we got there in plenty of time, Dad said he’s pick me up just before 9. Well, we left at about 9.15. Fortunately the traffic was good so it only took us two hours to get up there. As we were so early we went to the nearest town to have a look around. After all, if I’m going to be spending 3 years there I need to know what it’s like! We mooched up one side of the high street and stopped at an amazing little tea room at the top. 

Here’s the site for it:

I was a bit confused- they gave me a teapot with loose tea, and  really tiny sieve. Having never encountered this before, dad had to show me what to do… Bad, I know :/

We walked down the other side of the street and then went to the uni. There was an introductory luncheon, and a talk about the university. Then we were split into course groups and went for a course talk. Having visited the university twice already I had heard it all before, but it was nice to be reminded. Then there was a tour of the campus (Having spent 3 days there last summer, nothing new) and then our interviews.

After having to divert around an accident on the motorway, and stop at the M6 services for a panini (I was STARVING, having been too nervous to eat much lunch) it took us 3 hours to get home, We got home at about 8. It was a loooong day! 

Thursday was school, and then off to the yard. I felt a bit crap because I had got a bad result in a geography essay. I hadn’t been expecting to do well, but it was still disappointing. I was supposed to be going to a yoga/pilates class with my friend, idea being I strengthen up my core muscles to improve my riding, but I wasn’t feeling at all up for it so I cancelled. I had been feeling so motivated after my interview, but that result really took it out of me.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

Yesterday was good. But it was MANIC!

School, as usual, then came home, walked the dog and went to Oxford. First we met up with friends and had a table of 17 at Gino’s, a cute little Italian near the bus station.

After that, we met up with another 6 and went to see Spamalot :) Really enjoyed it, it was hilarious! 

Well… that’s it for now. I’d better get on with some revision… :L 


Maddi x


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