Yesterday I checked my email and I had one from UCAS, the central organisation through which applications are processed for entry to higher education. It told me to check Track, though which you can see how your application is coming along and if you have any offers. I logged onto track and it told me that Harper Adams’ University College had replied to my application. So I clicked on the link…

“Congratulations, you have received and offer Harper Adams’ University College”

WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I am soo HAPPY!

Harper is my favourite university and I really want to go there! Furthermore, I feel the offer is very achievable. It is for 280 tariff point from all of the course I am doing; Biology, Geography and English Language A2’s, General Studies and Critical Thinking AS’s, and my EPQ, which is an equivalent to an AS. For those of you who aren’t familiar with tariff points they are points which you get for different grades. At A2 you get 100 for a B, 80 for a C and I think you get 120 for an A. At AS, an A is 60 points. So I think that 280 is very achievable! :)



That’s all

Maddi x


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