The Bucket Dance

On our yard we have an American barn. There are stables down each side and then at one end there is a washbox with warm water opposite the entrance to the barn. Oscar’s stable is at the far end of the barn from the washbox right by the door of the barn. Outside the door is a hardstanding and a tap. Well, being an outside tap this is the first to freeze. The hardstanding also gets very icey and literally turns into an icerink so it’s probably a good thing this tap goes first. When the tap freezes it’s ok because we can use the washbox so we do have some water. just being at the other end is a bit tricky.  So the next tap to freeze is the washbox. This really is annoying because it means we havet to walk halfway across the farm to the portacabin and use the tap on the side of that. Luckily YO has a quad and mini flat trailer so she puts plastic bins on the trailer and drives them over to the portacabin, fills them up and then puts them in the washbox so you can get water more easily.

So yesterday when I was at the yard I went on autopilot and carried a bucket all the way to the wash box to fill them up. The tap there wasn’t frozen because the pipes run inside the tack room and there’s a hot tap too which keeps it above freezing for most of the time. So, I filled up the bucket and set off on the long journey back to Oscar’s stable.

All the time with horses trying to eat me (they’re nice like that)

All the time doing the bucket dance.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. You have a heave bucket your right hand. (You’ll probably have it in your left hand if you’re left handed, but for the purpose of this we’re going to assume the bucket is in your right hand) This means your balance is a bit  up the creak…
  2. Put your left arm out sideways
  3. Lift it up a little so it’s just above the horizontal
  4. Lean slightly over to the left, and forwards a little, to conteract the weight of the bucket
  5. The bucket should sit on your right leg, on the side about level with your knee
  6. As you walk your right leg should be kept straight and the bucket should move with your leg
  7. Spill water everywhere
  8. Try and walk really quickly to get it over with.
  9. Fall flat on your face, spilling water everywhere
  10. Sweep water and start again
  11. Repeat until water bucket is full

Alternatively you could just put your horse’s water bucket in a wheelbarrow and push it to and from the tap.

Or use the tap that’s right next to your stable you just couldn’t be bothered to check if it wasn’t frozen.

But the bucket dance is more fun =)


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