Sunny weekend

This weekend the weather has been great, which has certainly lifted my mood! I schooled Oscar on Saturday and in the sunshine. He was really good and didn’t put a foot wrong! I was also impressed by our canter, it was calm and collected yet forward and confident. Just what we’re looking for! I think it helped that he has been able to be turned out for a few hours a day now the ground is drier and Vicky rode him once while I was away to remind him how to work ;-) 

Yesterday I rode him in the school again and then took him on a hack round one of the fields. I was particularly proud of him then because we hadn’t hacked out in far too long and I was a little worried what he’d be like, but he proved to me that I had nothing to worry about  at all. I sang a few songs to him to try and chill him out (well me really but shh). He quite liked Adele but didn’t like Robbie Williams very much. I also have read Lorraine Jenning’s latest blog post which I’ll link to at the end. It’s about the position of your thumbs and when I read it it all made so much sense! I was so impressed but Oscar’s response that I told Sheryl, who said ‘yeah, didn’t you know that?’ Well, turns out all the instructors I’ve ever had just failed to mention it to me but that’s what Lorraine’s there for isn’t it? :)

He was good again today when I schooled but a little grumpy as he had been out and was feeling fat, and because he worked quite hard yesterday. I’ll give him the day off tomorrow while I’ve got a busy today because it’s less stressful for both of us than trying to cram in a ride. So next ride will be Wednesday. :-)

Speak t’y’all soon,

Maddi x


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