Strength to Strength

There was a really relaxed atmosphere around as I drove home from the yard today. The sun shone in blue sky onto the red brick buildings of Wantage. The shops were closed early as it’s a Sunday, so the few people that were in the market place strolled happily in the sunshine. The usual line up was playing on Heart FM; Rolling in the Deep, Forget You and Jar of Hearts. It’s funny how as little as an hour before, everything had been so different.

The rain was lashing against the window when I woke up this morning, and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. Having a room in the loft means I can hear the rain all over me so you definitely notice changes in the weather! By 12noon we’d been through sleet and it was snowing. Great, big, fat snow flakes twirled round and round. Thankfully, none of it settled.

I logged onto UCAS Track and accepted my university offers today! :S Harper Adams is my firm choice and Royal Agricultural College as my insurance. This is just making it all seem so real now, quite scary really! I also signed up to UCAS’s social network thing for students, YouGoFurther. I’ve added some people as friends who are also looking to going to Harper so hopefully I can get to know some people before I go!

I went to the yard this afternoon and when I got out of my car at the first gate the wind caught my car door and slammed it shut! Lovely weather… It had stopped snowing by this point but had been raining on and off so I was going to try and have a quick ride between showers. By the second gate I’d worked out that the wind was coming from the west and the school would be sheltered by the barn, so it wasn’t looking too bad after all.

It was really funny when I got to the yard. All the horses were at the back of their stables apart from Sovreign, who whinnied when I arrived. Then all the other horses stuck their heads over the door! It’s like they have a look out and he told them all I was there hehe :P

I spent a while just grooming and cuddling Oscar, skipping out his stable. I felt a bit sad that I’m going to have to leave him in September and just wanted to spend some time with him :( Then the Russell’s turned up and made me feel even more guilty ;-) hehe They’ll just have to keep him so I can come back and ride in the holiday! :P There was another shower but by the time I’d tacked up (took me like an hour) the rain had stopped. Despite being particularly difficult in standing next to the mounting block today, once I’d got him there Oscar stood still for me to get on. But I bashed the mounting block onto my shin when I moved it, ow ow owww!!!

He was quite sharp today, which was funny :P The school was very wet with all the rain so we squelched round and round. I actually listened to Lorraine ( :O @pollson , and just didn’t ask him to bend round corners. She said I was trying too hard, so I just didn’t try and he was a dream :D Had a lovely canter after a few attempts. I realised that the reason he wasn’t cantering is because I wasn’t fully committed to canter, so I just manned up and off we went in a lovely springy canter :)

Despite the wind blowing the trees and the flappy stuff on the barn, I only ended up hanging off the side once ;-) And he was very sorry :P I couldn’t really blame him for spooking then, because there was sp much to spook at!

Then Sheryl found a hysterical carrot. Says it all really…


8 thoughts on “Strength to Strength

  1. What a great day all in all! Isn’t Lorraine a genious?

    Feels quite final accepting UCAS offers, doesn’t it? All very exciting!

    1. Yes it does! Also, because I think the offer grades are quite achievable for me, it feels like I AM going to Harper!!! EEEEEEP!!!! =D

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