With the Sun Comes Small Irritating Things…

I rode Oscar today after giving him 3 days off, partly due to his cough and partly because I’ve been so busy! He was really, really good, very soft in my hands and forward going which was nice, and did everything I asked of him beautifully. HOWEVER.

Some things don’t move so beautifully and quietly. Small children, for example. Someone at the yard had brought their two kids, I’d guess about 4 and 5, a girl and boy respectively. I think they bring them more when it’s warm and the kids want to help more than when it’s raining outside, when all they want to do is cling to mum’s legs in the stable while she mucks out around her horse. The children appeared while I was in the school, and proceeded to climb straight onto the muckheap trailer. Now, not only is this extremely dangerous as the trailer is stood on concrete and next to an electric fence, but Oscar wasn’t finding it too relaxing never knowing when they might appear. Then they decided that my Spring Spaniel, Bramble, was the yard owner’s Jack Russell terrier, Dotty. So, hanging off the muckheap they shouted ‘DOTTYYYY!! DOTTYY!!!!’ Well ‘Dotty’ never came because Dotty was Bramble and they got bored. They came off the muckheap and walked towards the school, the boy pushing his sister in front of him, as if encouraging her to say something to me. Well I never found out what it was because they soon got distracted when Oscar leant down and coughed. They stood, startled, and stared as I halted him, let him have a cough and picked him back up again. (I should point out at this point that his cough is much better now,  he is only coughing occasionally) After this, the girl started coughing. When ever Oscar coughed, she’d stop what she was doing and cough. Weird. Boy then decided he wanted to help so grabbed the broom from the muckheap and started sweeping the yard, with great clouds of dust flying over to the school. Now, I must have the patience of a saint because I didn’t say anything, just moved to the other end of the school for a while. Girl then decided to take her mum’s wheelbarrow and empty it onto the muckheap. A 4 yr old girl pushing a full wheelbarrow up a ramp is quite a sight of it’s own – the sound accompanying it was on a similar level. Boy decided he’d help his sister with the wheelbarrow, ‘Thank God!!’ I thought! Maybe quiet? But no, Girl didn’t want her brother’s help, and wanted everyone to know it! ‘NOOOOOO!!! I DON’T WANT HELP!!!’ She screamed. I’d had enough by this point and asked them politely to ‘keep it down, please’. One of them decided this was unreasonable, threw the wheelbarrow over and stormed off, leaving the mess for mum. Boy took wheelbarrow back, mum never knew what had happened. So when I went to put my muck on the muckheap, it wasn’t so much of a heap as a plateau. Remind me why people have kids?

The second small irritating thing that comes in the summer is dust. There’s a lot of it about in our school at the minute and it moves in clouds from under Oscar’s hooves. The wind was gently blowing the dust diagonally across the school, from H to F, so we could canter at F, through AKEH and avoid the dust, as it would pass in front of us. Or, on the other rein FBMCH. This meant we didn’t get choked by it too much, and worked quite well! :-)

Last but not least there are these really annoying tiny bugs! I was covered in them by the time I’d finished!!



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