Here we go…

Never in my life have I been this busy.

Over the past few months I’ve been slogging away with my a-levels, going to lessons, doing homework and writing coursework. Looking back it was all pretty easy. I could walk the dog with mum in the mornings when I didn’t have lessons, laugh with my friends at lunchtime and spend hours at the yard not really doing anything after school.

My EPQ – Change In Land Use On The Lockinge Estate –  was due in on Friday. It was a 5,000 word research project in which everything had to be referenced. I’d been working on it for a few months slowly and then writing loads in the week before handing it in, but Thursday night was a killer. I was up till 1am finishing the piece, proof-reading and writing acknowledgements to people who had helped me but I couldn’t directly reference. I then emailed it to my dad and his lovely secretary printed it out for me in the morning, and I went to dad’s office at lunch time to collect, cover and bind it. I was very pleased with the end result, but absolutely exhausted – I don’t normally stay up much past 10.30 as I’m on the go so much!

Last week also saw me spending break and lunchtime sat with a text-book, planning essays and revising. I didn’t get to ride much after school, partly due to the weather, and as I had so much work I didn’t bother going up to the yard when I wasn’t riding. My evenings were filled writing my EPQ and finalising coursework.

This weekend was my 18th, and the family descended on us. I was really touched that people came from as far away as Canada – an 8hr flight – just to visit me! My cousin and her family came from Scotland, my aunt, grandparents and great-aunt and uncle from Cheshire, another cousin from London, and friends from Bournemouth and London, as well as friends from the yard and school. It was amazing that so many people came and I had such a brilliant time, stayed up too late but that’s what birthdays are for right!?

Oscar has been going really well despite his random and infrequent work! Because of the weather we’ve been confined to the school but he’s been able to be turned out fairly regularly which is good for him to have a run around and a roll. He was very good today, and really got his hocks under him doing some spiralling in and leg yield out on a circle, halt-trot and walk-canter transitions. He was very forward off my leg which is great as he can be forwardly challenged sometimes!

The next month is going to be the final sprint. The end is in sight and all it needs is for me to do the final touches to a piece of coursework this week, then get my head down and revise my way into June. My first exam is on 17th May with general studies but that doesn’t really count – exams really kick off on 11th June! Then, 2 weeks later, FREEDOM!

Wish me luck, see you then,



6 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Gosh you’ve been a busy bee: it’ll all be worth it though. You totally earned a great, late night on your birthday! Great that Oscar’s been going well too. Best of luck with the rest of the school work!

  2. Goodness you’ve been busy, but all worth it. Good luck with your final exams and enjoy the freedom when it (very quickly) arrives. Glad you had a super 18th birthday too!

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