And then it was over

This evening, at 9.50, I lay in the garden gazing up at the pink herring bone sky, doing absolutely nothing. And I loved it. 

The week before last passed in a blur of exams on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and non-stop revision in between. Because so much hangs on the results of these exams I decided to give Oscar the week off, let his owner take care of him and get my nerd on. Hours and hours were spent in my dining room, with my back to any distractions through the window, staring into first English notes, then a Geography text book, and finally a Biology textbook. Despite the monotonous nature of revision it all passed very quickly. The previous week was the half-term holiday so I felt quite prepared going into the exams that week that I had done as much revision as I possibly could. Many people recommended that I make a revision timetable to ensure I did enough revision, but I never really found a timetable to work. For starters I could never stick to it: this made me angry that I hadn’t done what I had planned to do which meant I couldn’t revise efficiently when I was fuming with myself! Secondly I think it’s best, within reason, to revise what I’m in the mood for as I’m much more likely to learn from it if I’m not hating every minute. Not having a time table means I can be more flexible. I did, however, timetable that intense exam week. I could see when my exams were and make sure that I didn’t forget about future exams and just revise for the next exam I had, as then I wouldn’t have done enough revision for the next one. My days were literally solid revision apart from time to eat so if I haven’t got the grades I need to go to uni I don’t know what more I could have done, and retaking the year would be of little use to me.

Last week was weird. I still had one exam left on the Friday so I didn’t need to be revising 24/7, but I found this harder to motivate myself. It felt like my exams were over as 3/4 of them were, but the final exam was Biology 5, by far the hardest. So I planned to ride most days that week as I could spend the rest of the time revising. I managed to get a ride on Monday but the on Tuesday Oscar was shod in the morning and quite sore on one foot so he had the day off and Sheryl very kindly let me do some light schooling on her legend cob, Sovreign. Oscar got some light work on Wednesday but was still slightly sore and couldn’t lead off his sore foot in canter, so I decided to stick to walk and trot for that schooling session. Thursday was the day before the exam so that was intense revision, by which time I was tearing my hair out!

But now, all that’s gone. It’s over :D Never again will I be under the rules and regulations of the AQA. I won’t ever have to go back to King Alfred’s Sport College / Academy / whatever it’s now called, with the exception of returning my books and collecting my results. There are lots of people that I’ll miss but a few I definitely won’t. It’s so exciting that everyone is going their separate ways and to do what they have worked so hard to do in life. Of course, most of that is dependant on results but I have no doubt that my friends will make it to their physio courses, media, or bio-pharmaceutics. 

As a whole, I think the exams went well. There were a few times I opened turned the page and though ‘Oh S**T’ but luckily those questions always ended better than they started! The papers were all challenging but fair, so I think grade boundaries should be reasonable. I said to someone, if it had been a showjumping course it would be up to height but a straight forward course. There were no surprises.

So now it’s a waiting game. I collect my results on 16th August, but I may find out if I’ve got onto my course on the evening of 15th. There’s so much to organise for uni but I don’t really want to be too prepared before results day in case I have to un-prepare it! I see no reason whatsoever as to why I should not get the 280 UCAS points that I need, as this is a relatively low offer with the number of courses that I’ve done, but you never know how well you’ve done until results day and I wouldn’t want to jinx it! 

So, seven and a half weeks to results day, thirteen and a half until I hopefully start at Harper. Who’s counting down with me?


6 thoughts on “And then it was over

  1. I remember all that hard work too and well done for such dedication: sounds like you had a great balance and found what worked for you 80) Glad you have the confidence that you must’ve done enough for your points, cos it’s true! Very proud of all your hard work, as soppy as that sounds 80)

  2. Love your blog, keep it up x I am counting with you cant wait soooo nervous and sooo excited lol xx

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