Prep starts now

It’s official. On Friday Oscar and I are going to do our first dressage test together. We’ve entered, we’ve got the test. All we have to do know is learn it.

Having looked at the test, it looks ok. There’s nothing in there that should be difficult, the challenge will be making it look good, keeping it sharp and remembering where to go! I’m not looking to go out and get placed, especially as I’ve never done a dressage test before, but I just want to go out, for Oscar to work well and ride it nicely. What I’m most worried about is that he hasn’t been out in months nor in an indoor school, but I’m sure he’ll take it all in his stride. In fact, being more forward will probably work to our advantage as we’ll be able to keep the canter better.

And so now I’m off to learn the damn thing…


2 thoughts on “Prep starts now

  1. Firstly good luck, secondly good luck and most importantly break a leg ;) (if you get what i mean.) Look forward to hearing all about it :D

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