It’s Not All Fun And Games

Today my intention had been to take Oscar for a short hack before it started raining, and then nip in the school for 10 minutes afterwards. Oscar had other plans and refused to stand by the muck heap ramp for me to get on, so as I had to go into the school to get on anyway I thought I may as well school first. As I walked towards the school the yard owner’s daughter came with her pony and asked if I would mind her riding in the school too. I didn’t so she came in and put up a little jump for her pony.

I went over a short section of my dressage test a couple of times which was all I had intended to do in the school anyway, and then put my stirrups up to go over the jump. At this point the yard owner had come over to watch and put the jump up a little, which was fine as it was still quite small, so Oscar and I popped over it a few times, which he did beautifully. I was very happy with that :)

Sheryl came into the school with her new horse, Banjo, for the first ride on him at home. He moved beautifully, and seemed to float around the school. I went to take a line to pop the jump when I looked at the jump and it only had one pole. The yard owner had stolen it to make a monster jump for her daughter, and proceeded to yell at her daughter for doing it wrong, and us for being in the way.

After avoiding her for a while I realised I wasn’t going to get another jump in, so I got off and went in. Oscar was as good as gold, he didn’t put a foot wrong, but I was so annoyed with the yard owner for ruining my schooling session and making it difficult for me.

Normally I’d have a laugh with Sheryl afterwards but she had brought her boyfriend so I felt like I was playing gooseberry as they spent most of the time gazing into eachother’s eyes / telling eachother how much they loved them / generally making me feel awkward.

And to top it all off I reversed into the wheely bin on the drive when I got home… ;-)


One thought on “It’s Not All Fun And Games

  1. Well S*** happens. You cant win them all but the reversing when you got home remind me to make sure i’m slightly drunk before getting in a car with you lol Cant moan I had a collision with a cyclist :)

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