22.05 hours and counting…

I felt quite ill last night anticipating tomorrow. My mind was all over the place but when I focused on thinking about something else I felt better and managed to get to sleep; that didn’t stop me waking up early though.

This morning I feel ok, just butterflies, but not overly worried. I should get an email at around 8am to tell me whether my place has been confirmed or not, and I can go into school at 9 and collect my results.

I think I will have got in. I think I’ve done enough but you can never be sure and there will always be that tiny bit of doubt and fear at the back of your mind: what if I haven’t got in? What will I do then?
But what if I have? That in itself is a scary thought. Moving halfway up the country, by myself, not knowing anyone.

Confirmation or declination: I’m not sure which scares me the most.


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