Still in the ribbons

On Saturday I took Oscar to Sower Hill EC as they had a mini Olympic 2 day event on. I only planned on doing the dressage phase as it was a new place for Oscar, and our jumping leaves a lot to be desired! So on Friday I went up to Northfield and sponged all his muddy bits (I wasn’t up for a fight with him in the washbox or with Annette at the hose) and plaited him. I put a cooler on him in an attempt to keep him clean but when I went up on Saturday morning he was nice and dirty under his rug so that back fired rather epically… So out came the sponges again!

I went home and changed in between and then Vicky arrived with her horse Nutmeg in the lorry to take us to Sower Hill. Vicky does a lot of dressage so we certainly had some strong competition. On arrival at Sower Hill we visited the secretary and got our numbers – 41 and 42 – and then headed back to the lorry to   tack up. And faff around a lot…

Once tacked up and on I rode Oscar in the big field that was the car park as it was flatter and there was more room than in the other fields that were put aside for warming up in. Oscar warmed up nicely, he was sharp off the leg due too the new location which was good as he has a tendency to be quite lazy, so this was working to my advantage.

Down in the school he did a spooky test, and was a little too keen in transitioning to canter a little too early and once when he wasn’t supposed to (but shh the judges didn’t notice that!!). A few more went and then they put the first half of the score up, and at that point I was in second! We watched Vicky do her test, and Nutmeg definitely knows she is a dressage horse despite trying to take off down the centre line! Sheryl and I walked the cross country course with Vicky while we waited for the rest of the results to come in. Vicky got her highest ever score of 71% so well done to Vicky!! :D

It was time for the placings and I came 6th! We got 62% despite the few wobbles so I was very pleased as I tend to be in a bit of a daze while I do dressage and have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going!

So I’m very proud of Oscar to do so well in a new place which was very spooky :) Here are the pics I bought!






7 thoughts on “Still in the ribbons

  1. So nice to see the pics in full. What a cracking job by you, Oscar, Vicky & Nutmeg! So when’s the next one?! lol.

  2. Phone just ate my comment: grr! So lovely to see the pics in full :) Well done to you & Oscar! Bet Vicky was proud of both her horses. So when’s the next one? ;) lol.

  3. Don’t bother – they’re rubbish too! iphone I reckon …
    Love that last picture. And in your test I meant to say your walk was great – whatever you do don’t ever take your leg off. He walks so well those few steps of jogging will go when he knows you’re going to keep on pushing – which you really really did :)

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