Flying Without Wings

After flying through the puddle on Wednesday Oscar has been in cross-country mode and jumped the puddle like it was a ditch when Sheryl turned him out the last two mornings. I decided to put his desire to be airbourne to good use today and do some jumping!

Sheryl and Andy kindly set up some jumps and we had fun popping them from both directions; firstly in trot and then in canter. I was so pleased with how he was jumping, he wasn’t rushing or getting underneath them, and he was listening to me to tell him when to take off, which is something no horse has asked of me before, and made any dodgy jump a rider error.

Unfortunately Oscar’s cough has come back: we ran out of supplement and it has been getting progressively worse since. This meant that just as we were going to put the jumps up he was coughing a fair bit and carrying his head very low to the ground. Although he would pick his head up over the jump, he would throw it back down on landing so I decided it wasn’t safe or fair on him to carry on. So that put an end to it but he had jumped beautifully up until then so I’m very pleased with him. :)

I’m off sailing this weekend so Oscar will have a couple of days off, then I’m hoping to do some hacking early next week as he has been in the school the last 3 times I’ve ridden him.

Maddi x


2 thoughts on “Flying Without Wings

  1. Jumping sounds fun, but shame about his cough :( At least the supplement’s working – a lot of them are a waste of money! Have a fab weekend sailing. Sounds like a fun week of riding coming up too! :)

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