Four assignments later…

So, two and a half weeks and four assignments into the term, I think I’m getting into the swing of things here at Harper! Lectures are so far really interesting and challenging, which is nice after three months of my brain doing absolutely nothing whatsoever! Loving it here to be honest, it’s great seeing everyone walk around in wellies and having tractors drive by the lecture rooms in the middle of valuation, and spending the morning in front of  beautiful main building in the sunshine, surveying with ranging rods and levels and staffs. Feels like I’ve been waiting to come to a place like for a very long time.

And the parties are mad.

In the last two weeks we’ve had cops & robbers, the Las Vegas ball, the Harris Shield results party, a foam party… the list goes on! On top of that there have been socials for every club and society, movie nights, Stevie Starr the regurgitator that was on BGT, and Tony Lee hypnotist. It’s certainly living by the motto – work hard, play hard. 

Tomorrow Sheryl is coming to stay for the weekend which is going to be amazing and it’s the open day on Sunday so I’m planning on getting off campus! My grandparents took me out for dinner tonight which was lovely. And Hollie ( and I have been spending probably too much time listening to Gangnam Style… 


Maddi xx


2 thoughts on “Four assignments later…

  1. I’m so delighted that things have brightened up and you’re really enjoying it. The social life sounds fab! There’s no better rule for Uni than ‘work hard, play hard’. Long may it continue :)

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