Goodbye Oscar

I made the decision last weekend not to bring Oscar with me. I can honestly say it’s the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make and the phonecall on Sunday to his owners to tell them was awful. 

The main reason I made this decision is due to time. Apart from Wednesday, when I have no lectures at all, I’m in lectures until 5pm (6pm some weeks) and given that I’d have to get out of my lecture, get changed, get to the yard etc. this leaves no scope for getting to the yard in daylight hours 4 days a week. Also, with so many socials and parties the idea of getting up early the next day fills me with horror. The big party nights at Harper are Monday and Wednesday… – I have a tutorial at 9am on Tuesday. Feeding Oscar and getting back for that is really not that realistic, let’s be honest here!

One of the other reasons is that I’ve found it hard to find a suitable yard for him. We can only really afford to keep him on grass and very few yards around here do grass livery. Most only do it part of the year or not at all. I looked around 3 yards before I decided – the first was too far and the grass livery was off site, the second was not very secure at all and didn’t have a proper tack room (there’s no way I could keep my tack in my room in halls, far too small!) and the third was lovely but didn’t have a school. 

The idea of bringing him up with me was really starting to stress me out, with the lack of nice yard and time and everything else that’s going on here. I know for a fact that at some point I’m going to be stressing about assignments – probably when I’ve left it to the last minute – but having Oscar to stress about aswell I feel would just be too much.

It didn’t make the decision any easier; I really did want to bring him up with me and when I first moved up it was what I was looking forward to most. But it’s not right for me right now and I just have to accept it. Head has to rule heart in this one; I’m here to get a degree after all and I don’t just want to scrape a pass, I want a good degree. The course is hard enough as it is.


So, that’s all I wanted to write about today. I needed the half a week since I decided to be able to write this without crying – I had to turn over all my pictures of him on Monday! Hopefully he will find a lovely new owner who will love him as much as I do and give him the pampering and fun he deserves!


Maddi x


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Oscar

  1. I’m rather proud of you for making such a sensible decision, as heart-breaking as it is. I’m sure his owner wants him to be as happy as you’ve made him, and will be looking for someone to love him just as much. I hope it’s a happily-ever-after for both of you, even though it won’t be together.

    You are wise beyond your years young grasshopper! *bigs hugs*

  2. What a horrid decision for you to have to make Maddi. But you made it wisely. You would have both been unhappy and stressed. That doesn’t help much does it?
    It will get better…

  3. Horrible as the decision has been – you have made the right one. It would not be practical Maddi to have him with you and after all, your studies are the priority. Definitely fit in some riding time when you are on holiday as to totally give up would be like losing a limb :( Sam from

  4. What a horrible time you must have had coming to your decision, but, as others have said, it seems to be the best one. The hard work (and the fun!!) you’ll be putting in at uni is stressful enough – you don’t need any addition stress at the mo.

  5. What a very mature decision. I know it was hard to do, but you might have gotten very burned out trying to manage everything.

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