The First Milestone: 1 Month At Harper Adams

Well, we’ve reached a mile stone: we’ve been at Harper Adams for exactly one month. It feels like we’ve been here no time at all, and it feels like forever.

I have to say that all things considered, I’m loving it. The campus is turning gorgeous shades of orange and gold now that autumn is here, and often an eerie mist lies about the rugby pitch. My room is near the astroturf so in the evenings I can hear the tapping of hockey sticks and shouts from the pitches beyond. There’s always something going on somewhere – the social and sporting calendars are both packed.

I’m lucky enough to have been chosen to be a student ambassador – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – and am currently half way through the training. There are only a limited number of people who can be student ambassadors, so I was very fortunate to be chosen. Student Ambassadors help out on open days and interview afternoons, giving tours around the campus and talking about life at Harper. We’ll also be talking to children and teenagers at schools and colleges, and visiting all the big agricultural shows as part of Harper On Tour.

Of course, there’s been a lot of hard work recently.  Nothing has bored me, which is good.  I chose this course because I was interested in it and it’s reassuring to know that I chose the right course, and the right uni.  Not for a second has it crossed my mind that I’m in the wrong place or should be doing a different course.  Some of the subjects are hard.  Nothing impossible, but sometimes it takes a while to get your head around it.  Valuation in particular – learning about all the different interests in a property and how they affect the value of the freehold or the rent of the property, when many parties might be involved.  I love the challenge; after three months off over the summer of doing nothing it’s good to get my brain going again, and the feeling of having worked out something difficult, with an answer that isn’t always set in stone, is a good one. I wouldn’t expect university to be easy – I’m here to learn and that’s definitely what’s happening.  I can honestly say that I’ve learnt so much already, even after the first week I’d learnt a lot.

There are the highs and lows of campus living. Halls are a minute’s walk from the bar – no taxis to pay for, cheap alcohol, what else do you need from an SU bar?!  It feels safe on campus, you get looked after. After all, how many uni’s do your washing for you? There are times when campus living seems like the worst thing on earth: when you’ve got a 9am lecture after your flat mates decided to pull an all-nighter outside your bedroom door and you’ve had approximately 2 hours of disturbed sleep. But that’s more than made up for by the community feel of the halls. Each little flat and block of halls is like a family (cheesy but true) and people look out for each other, be it on  a night out or if someone desperately needs some face paint for the next themed bar night.

And things get fixed, probably faster than they would at home! At home if something breaks, we pretty much have to wait a few months until dad gets round to it. When we told our cleaner that our fridge was leaking (yes, we get a cleaner as well!), someone from estates brought us a new one later that day.

Fresher’s Flu still lingers about the college, which makes lectures a fun game of coughing and note writing. Coughing appears to be like yawning, if one person coughs the entire room seems to cough after. Of my now five assignments that I’ve been set, I handed in the first one today, and uploaded it to the ‘learning hub’. I was quite proud of myself that I handed it in 3 days early, but I’m sure the next one will be a different story. Luckily we don’t have very tight deadlines – the worst assignments aren’t due until January, which gives a bit of time to work out how to approach them.

And with that I’ve got some more reading to do – integrated crop management tonight.

Thanks for reading,

Maddi x


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