Tweed is not appropriate in Asda.

You can be spotted as a Harper Adams student a mile off. 

The last few days have been really chilly, and country clothing really comes into its own in weather like this. Everyone around campus is dressed up to their eyeballs in country boots, scarves, tweed jackets and not to mention the classic gilet. 

Hollie and I drove back to Oxfordshire for the weekend and spent two days mainly enjoying being able to sit on a sofa and being fed up (I’m sure mum thinks we’re lambs destined for slaughter). We saw the firework display at Ardington on the Saturday which was nice although freezing cold, and it took ages for our sparklers to light :/. Being at home in the peace and quiet was also a good opportunity to catch up on some work, so I started my geography assignment and did an online tutorial for valuation. We’d heard that some places had had some snow which we really didn’t want for the three hour journey home, and luckily we didn’t have any but we did see a car with some snow on its roof so it must have snowed nearby! 

Monday was a standard day of lectures and more assignment writing. Most people hit Newport on a Monday night but Steve and I decided to stay in, Newport is far too much effort! 

Today has been pretty full on. Starting at 9am for a two hour tutorial about pigs, including a tour of the pig unit, which over-ran, meant that we were slightly late for our geography lecture (and also stinking of pigs). We did get to see some new born piggies and a piglet being born so it was not a wasted trip at all. The lecturer also told us a lot about the way the pig unit had been designed for biosecurity, which will be useful when I come to do my livestock buildings assignment. Our geography lectures normally finish early but as it started late it didn’t finish until 12, by which time it was straight over to the RFA for a business lecture! Sick of the smell of pigs, I finally managed to grab a shower at lunch and discovered that our hot water has finally been fixed! Yippeee! No more icey showers in the morning then! After lunch was an hour lecture on wheat, a law tutorial about land law and finally a geography tutorial about supply and demand. 

It didn’t stop after lectures, as we really had run out of food so we had to go shopping before dinner. Tuesday night is normally Downton night and Hollie and I were pretty keen to watch the final of the series, but the internet was against us and wouldn’t let us watch it. So that will have to wait until another night. Instead I printed some pictures to go on my pin board to decorate a bit. Looking back through some of the ones of Oscar has really made me miss him. I’m usually too busy to miss riding, which reassures me that I made the right decision not to bring him, but I really do miss that horse. We had an amazing summer too look back on but it still tears me apart. 

There’s a DJ competition on at the bar right now. And wow they are playing some rubbish! Tomorrow there’s an open afternoon so my room needs to be nice and tidy for people to look around, which isn’t really happening at the moment so that’s another thing to do. 

I’ll leave you with this…

Oh, and I can still smell pigs…


Maddi xx


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