We’ve only just begun

and already it seems that we’re nearly at the end of the first term. The weeks roll by and the damp days of autumn ease into icy winter mornings that leaves a frost and a mist lingering around the bare trees. Week 7 is almost at an end, and that leaves three more weeks before exam week.

I have two exams that week, in Law For Estate Managers and Valuation and Professional Practice. These are probably the hardest modules on the course, and I am a bit worried about the exams. Valuation should be all right, as long as I can remember the maths and don’t miss any bits out, there’s no reason for it to go too badly. The maths makes sense and isn’t too hard, I just haven’t done very much at all in the last three years so it’s all a bit of a shock to my poor little brain.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the days drag on but the weeks fly by. It seems like yesterday that I was home for the weekend or we were dressing up for hallowe’en, but it a couple of weeks ago. Not the longest of time, but it really is going by fast. 

Last weekend I drove over to Congleton to see my grandparents, aunt and cousins. My cousin’s baby, Mhairi is growing up as ever, and becoming more and more of a handful, as I discovered when I said I’d help bath her while her mum sorted some washing – she no longer sits and plays with a toy, she has to stand up and try and eat shampoo bottles, and pull on the plug and climb out and do her best the be difficult. My other cousin was up from London and it was great to see him, his band is going from strength to strength it seems.

The rest of the week has been a pretty standard week of lectures and tutorials, and some online tasks for us to do now. I’ve been working on my geography assignment and planning some of the other assignments that are due in just after christmas, and I want to get the bulk of them finished before the holiday. Yesterday Steve and I went to see Skyfall, which is EPIC. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (although if not why not?!), but it’s classic, slightly far fetched Bond,  with Scottish castles. This evening after dinner Hollie and I went for a wander around the farm and down to the dairy unit, making friends with some of the cows down there. 

This weekend is Harper’s Big Weekend, which is Friday and Saturday night with loads of acts, including Hadouken, who we might actually have heard of. It’s one of the big events on the Harper social calender so looks to be good. I’m also thinking of enquiring at the local riding school about lessons – I’m itching to get back in the saddle and keep my eye/seat/leg/whatever in – riding is something I don’t want to lose from my life.

It’s back to the assignments for me, hope you all have a great weekend ahead,

Maddi. xx


3 thoughts on “We’ve only just begun

  1. Week 7 already? Seems only 5 mins a go you were waiting for your results and confirmation of getting your place at Harper. Glad its going well and good luck with the exams x

  2. You sound like an old pro at this uni lark now. I’m dead chuffed you’re getting something out of it.
    Get yourself down to the riding school – stick an advert in a local tack shop for any free rides at weekends too. Most people would be desperate to get someone like you I would.:)

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