Who said the holidays are for relaxing…?

Because I sure as anything haven’t had a chance!

Sorry this is going to be a bit of a boring blog but I haven’t really had a chance to do anything interesting enough to write about, or think of anything else to write about, or take pictures of anything interesting to write about… or anything. So yeah here it is:

I’ve been set a few assignments to do over the Christmas break, and I wanted to get them out of the way quickly so I could spend the rest of the month of doing more fun things. But of course this plan isn’t really working, is it? The idea was have a few days of chilling, and then crack on with the work…. I think I’ve done everything but. 

We finished the autumn term on the 14th after the Law for Estate Managers exam. I thought it went ok – I as never going to do well in it but I thought I’d done enough to pass – until 24 hours later I realised I’d forgotten to conclude my essay. That may have been the breaking point, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up re-sitting that one… Oops.

I drove over to Cheshire on the Friday as it was my Nan’s birthday the next day and the rest of my family were also driving to Cheshire for that. It was nice to catch up with my relatives and visit my cousin and her baby.We went out for a meal on the Saturday which was really nice, and then drove home on the Sunday. 

Monday was spent starting unpacking and also going to the local riding stables. I’ve picked up some shifts there over Christmas so I went so they could show me what had changed since I was last there – almost three years ago! 

On Tuesday evening I finally got back on a horse! I went over to Sheryl’s yard and we went for a hack and ended up coming back in the dark. It was really great to see Sheryl and her parents again as I used to see them every day before I moved to Shropshire – they’re a big part of my life that’s missing at uni. And Sovreign the super cob was as good as gold :) 

On Wednesday I had my first shift at the riding school. I’d forgotten how much there is to do there and was rushed off my feet! I was also reminded how evil little ponies could be when one dragged me across the yard to a bale of haylage! The shift didn’t start so well when I had to drive the yard jeep up to the fields at the top of the hill, I stalled the jeep on the hill and slid all the way back down to the bottom! But I made it up in the end with my feed buckets and bags of haylage! I was absolutely knackered and ache all over still but loved every minute of being back on a yard with the horses!

Thursday was manic. It was mum’s birthday but I was working in the morning. I should have been finished by about 11.30 but I didn’t leave the yard until 12.30. That meant a mad rush back home to get changed and into town to meet mum and my sister for lunch at 1, which I just about made. After running a few errands around town I went home and straight out again, this time with the dog who needed walking. While I was walking Dad phoned to ask if I could pick him up from the lunch he was at. So back home, ditch the dog and back out the one of the villages to get dad. Then straight out again to Oxford for a meal and a trip to the theatre for mum’s birthday. We went to see Starlight Express which was so good, I’d recommend it! I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it at first, but it’s hard not to love people roller-skating around stage dressed as trains…

Yesterday was full of chores and the last bit of Christmas shopping and today I was beating on a shoot nearby. We’ve had some pretty heavy rain as have much of the rest of the country and some parts of the shoot were pretty wet. Definitely glad of my wellies today! Bramble behaved well today and worked hard so I’m pleased with that but he did knacker himself out, got lots of cuts and has pulled a muscle or something somewhere in his leg which is causing him a bit of pain, but hopefully that will sort itself out. 

So that’s basically it from me, a bit of what I’ve been up to even though none of it’s very interesting… Sorry about that..


Maddi xx


One thought on “Who said the holidays are for relaxing…?

  1. I’m glad you’ve managed to get some shifts at the local riding stables so you can ride again. Christmas is either quiet or busy as anything I find. I hope you do get some chill out time at some point x

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