The Travel Bug

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and that’s all I can think of.

I never wanted to take a gap year to travel – it wasn’t something I was interested in. Travelling never appealed to me: I hate flying which is about the only way to get anywhere and I can barely speak English properly never mind foreign languages ;)

But I’ve manned up a bit since then. And I’ve been inspired to travel. Here are some of the places I want to go to, and why.


There are two reasons I really want to go to Canada. Firstly my aunt, uncle and cousins live in Calgary, so I’ve love to visit them, to get to know them better and spend some time with them.

And secondly, it’s such an amazing place.



Calgary in the snow, photocredit to Paul Gregory



Photocredit: Paul Gregory



Photocredit: Janet Naish



Photocredit: Janet Naish

I have no idea who the random dude is in that last photo.

But if that isn’t some amazing geography then I don’t know what is.

But I am a geography nerd.

I want to go in the summer, and go camping in the Rockies and swimming on the lakes.

I want to go in the winter, and go ice skating on the frozen lakes.

It’s amazing.


I want to go to Swedish Lapland, to the Ice Hotel, husky sledging, snowmobile-ing and most of all,  I want to see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.



Ice Hotel, Sweden 



Aurora Borealis

I want to see the Norway fjords



And the fishing villages around the Swedish coasts





There’s only a small chance you’ll get stranded because a volcanic ash cloud has closed European air space…. But seriously, Iceland is amazing. It’s so tectonic it’s moving. A bit more geography nerding it up here…



Somewhere warmer…


Safari’s and coral beaches and lions and yeah, just wow.



Lots of islands

I think I’ve got a think for water. I love islands. I’d want to do the Shetlands, Orkneys, Faroes, Channel Islands, Galapagos Islands….



So that’s just a few places I want to go. On the pictures that aren’t credited, click on the photo to take you to the website I got it from :)


I’m off the buy my lottery ticket ;)


Maddi xx



6 thoughts on “The Travel Bug

  1. Wow those are beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and the Faroe Islands as well. I’m lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit, Kenya being one of the places I’ve visited. It’s amazing! But hey, as a sailor you know where you have to go. We have over 3,000 islands here! Just over 200 inhabited. I’ll have to find some good photos to lure you :)

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