I made a conscious decision not to post this on 1st January under the title ‘New Years Resolutions’ because I don’t believe in them. Call me cynical, but anything that’s difficult for people to do – like quit smoking or lose weight – isn’t going to be made easier by it being a new year. If you really want to quit smoking you have to do it there and then, when you make the decision to quit. Not ‘Oh I’ll quit on 1st January’. Why not RIGHT at that moment?

I’ve never made New Years resolutions. Partly for the above reason and partly because there’s nothing I’ve wanted to change. I’ve never needed to lose weight (at times I’ve wanted to gain some) or stop smoking or drinking (I don’t do either) or eat more healthy.

But this year I started thinking about my life, not because I wanted to make any new years resolutions but because everyone else was talking about it and it made me stop and think. I’ve thought of a few things I’d like to live my life by.

1- Have no regrets. And I don’t mean regretting things I’ve done, but more things I haven’t done. The only regrets I’ve got in life are missed opportunities – not that I’ve got many – such as not going on a school trip to Morocco because I was too much of a wimp to get jabs and fly. So taking every opportunity (within reason) is something I’ll be thinking of from now on. Which brings me on to number 2…

2- Man the hell up. Stop thinking the world is out to get me and go for it. It’s not going to get me anywhere in life.

3- Make more of an effort. In everything. Life, uni, work. Be someone that people want to employ, befriend, whatever. And procrastinate less (which is sort of what I’m doing now but blogging helps me write assignments so…) ;)

4- I did have a four but I can’t remember what it was so we’re going to have to leave it there, I’m going to stop procrastinating and get on with this assignment and then man up and go to the library to find some books to reference!

Maddi x


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