Back in class

Snow has been falling all day, leaving the campus like a blank slate.

I got the results from my week 11 exams just before I came back to Harper – 71% in Valuation and 63% in Law. Definitely over the moon about these results, they were higher than expected, especially in Law, which I thought I’d failed!

The results have given me a kick start into work in the new term, a new found determination that I CAN do well at this course if I try. If I’m honest, I could have tried a lot harder with those exams. And think what I could have got then. I had four tutorials today, so I went to the library for a few hours after tea to crack on with my business assignment – motivating employees in a rural chartered surveyors firm. It isn’t the easiest, or most inspiring assignment to write. But one of the best things about uni is that everything that you learn, you can see being useful in your career. Writing assignments like this are like practice at real life. And it’s great.

Last night was the first Wednesday back, and like all Wednesday’s at Harper it was a big party night. The theme was ‘in the jungle’ with Jaguar Skills there. (For those of you who don’t know who Jaguar Skills is… I don’t really, either).

Tomorrow it had been arranged that we visit the Earl of Plymouth Estate near Ludlow for a site visit (trip out for those non-surveyors out there ;) ) but it had to be cancelled due to the impending snow that has been forecast. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to it, but they’ve promised us that it will be rescheduled so hopefully we will get to visit later in the term.

Watching David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ series with Hollie this evening after we had been to the library, we noticed a lot of similarities between fights over females between humpbacked whales… and the antics of some of the lads in the bar…. ’nuff said.

Oh, and our oven’s broken. (y)

I am going to be a surveyor.

Maddi x


2 thoughts on “Back in class

  1. Well done on such great exam results Maddi! How does your final degree classification work? For mine, only the last 2 years of grades went into the calculation, so first year left plenty of time to learn lessons like “I need to work harder” and “I can really do this!” Sounds like you’re on that journey :)

    There’s an amazing butcher in Ludlow: does some of the country’s best sausages. Always worth a visit! I bet campus is as pretty under snow as it was in the leaves of Autumn :)

    1. The first year you only have to pass – 40% in each module, and you can’t fail more than two modules (they’ll let you resit and such if you do fail 2). 2nd year is worth 30% of the final degree. Third year on placement you only have to pass (Again 40% on a couple of assignments) and the fourth and final year is worth 70%. xx

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