Fed up.

Sorry, but this is going to be a bit of a rant blog!

We’re looking for houses to rent next year, and we had a bit of a delay in starting looking because one of the girls was messing us around with who she wanted to live with, and it was causing problems because it meant we had too big a group. The group would have to be split, but doing so was causing even more problems, and it was all a bit of a nightmare! Well, said girl has now decided that she doesn’t like her course and is leaving uni! She didn’t think to tell us that she was thinking of this before did she?! So now we’ve got a group of four, which is a good size.

Uni gives us a list of student houses to rent in the area, so we have to go through and choose ones to look at, arrange a viewing and sort the rest ourselves. We fell in love with a couple of villages quite close to uni and both had several student houses in each. We made a list of the ones with 4 bedrooms, and parking as these are necessary to us, and phoned them all up. Well, our favourite ones have been let already, and some people didn’t pick up, so I’ve left voicemails but I’m not holding out much hope to be honest. So that rules out the villages. Now we’re left looking in Newport, which is where most of the student houses are. Newport is fine but we’d set our hearts on these villages! We’re going to look around one this afternoon, so we’ll see what it’s like.

I’m fed up of living here. It’s great being on campus and being so close to lectures and the library and everyone, but some of the people in my flat are testing to live with. I went into the kitchen this morning to find loads of pots and pans across the surfaces, the sink piled high with washing up and a wok full of un-eaten food on the hob. What a waste and the place stank! I made my breakfast and took it back to my room because I didn’t want to be in the kitchen when it was like that. I went to my lectures and came back to find that the same person had cooked breakfast for a few people, the kitchen table was covered in greasy pans and not a single thing had been washed up, from last night or this morning. And because they hadn’t done their washing up from before they had had to use my cutlery and stuff, which I wouldn’t mind if they washed up after they had used it but they didn’t and they also broke one of my forks! It all sounds rather petty but added to the fact that some knob broke the knob off our oven in Thursday so we have no oven until Estates can replace it, it’s all rather annoying!

It’s been almost four months now but I miss Oscar every day. There are days when you just need to wrap your arms around a horse, and today is one of them. As soon as the snow clears up I’m going to head over to Telford Equestrian and book a lesson!  Partly because I need to get back in the saddle, and partly because I need to do SOMETHING other than uni work and watch crap on YouTube!

Maddi x


4 thoughts on “Fed up.

  1. I think shared accommodation with students would drive me to committing murder. I’m quite a few years out of my ‘student’ age, but even now, a shared kitchen in my office can cause fits of anger and vented spleen. It takes NO effort to clean up after yourself, and it shows consideration for your fellow kitchen users. Seriously, I have written more than a couple of blog posts on my old blog about this. It drives me mad. So I feel your pain.

  2. Living with people really is trying, and there are always difficulties in sorting out who to live with and where. I avoided it all by living in single room Halls all of my 4yrs at Uni, but I saw my friends go through the lot (with most of them moving back into Hall for their final year)! We had a horrible accommodation crisis when I was there, so much so it was in the national newspapers, but all my friends got good flats in the end (just not necessarily their first choice). I’m sure it’ll all work out for you: just a shame it could have been avoided!

    There is nothing in this world like a horse’s warm neck to cuddle into and catch tears. I hope the weather changes soon: you really do need horses back in your life! :)

  3. Maddi, I have a suggestion that did work for my sister and might make the two villages accessible to you guys again. My sister and her pals couldn’t find student accommodation. In the end one of the parents went guarantor on buying a house. The four of them then paid the mortgage (instead of rent). It meant they could all see out their degrees as they didn’t have to move again. I think the property was sold once they’d all completed their degrees. Its just a thought I don’t know whether any of you guys would be in a position to do this but if you can it gives you additional options ;-)

    As for student living it doesn’t sound like much has changed since the time I was at uni (nearly 20 years ago now!!). I had kitchen utensils nicked, baking dishes scratched up after being ‘borrowed’ without asking me, I had food stolen.. Don’t get me started on the lack of hygiene I experienced as well. I totally sympathise … been there, done that, got the t-shirt as it were. The thing is its a finite period of time and it will end and things will get better.

    I’m glad you’re going to Telford Equestrian. I know you miss Oscar. Is there a local riding club you could join as well? I’m just thinking you could put feelers out to see if there’s anyone that needs their horse(s) exercising. You are way better than me as a rider and anyone would be daft not to have you help them.

    *sending hugs*

    1. Thanks Irene, sound advice as always! Not sure how the buying thing would work as all of our courses are sandwich courses, we’ll be studying next year then have a year out on placement before returning to uni for a final year. Worth a thought though – we are going to look around two properties tomorrow so hopefully one of these will be suitable!

      I might have a look out for riding clubs actually, see if I can get any free rides!

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