The Surveying Shoes

One of the challenges you encounter as a Chartered Surveyor is the rapid changes in technology, information and law which have an impact on your job. New building materials are being produced, for example on a work experience site visit with my dad recently we discussed using an alternative to lead for flashing on a complex section of a roof. It was decided that lead would be used after all, but as a professional person you need to be aware of these new materials as they can be better than the original, or at a lower price. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is undergoing reforms and has changed on numerous occasions since it was formed. These changes impact farm subsidies, environmental schemes and, ultimately, farmers; and because as a Rural Chartered Surveyor you are offering advice to farmers you have to keep on top of changing law, policies, technologies – it’s what makes you a good professional.

I believe it’s never too early to start preparation for something like that – it’s all about being in the right frame of mind. I know that becoming a Rural Chartered Surveyor is something I REALLY want to do. I’ve worked hard to get to a place where I’ve got the opportunity to do that and I’m definitely not going to throw that opportunity away! I’d decided at the end of last term that I need to buck up my ideas a bit for the spring term. Although I haven’t been slacking – and certainly not as much as some on my course – I know I could have been putting more effort in.  Assignments need more thought and planning, and the essential reading should probably be read if I’ve any hope of doing well in the exams in the summer. Although this year doesn’t count towards my final degree and I only have to get 40% in each module to pass, I believe the better I do in this year, the better foundations of knowledge I will lay to build on next year.

I don’t just want a degree. I want a damn good one. And I want to be the best I can be.

It’s time to start thinking like a Rural Chartered Surveyor.

Views are my own and in no way represent the views of any university/employer at any time.


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