Weathering it.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” — Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The BBC forecast 25knot winds this afternoon and really they can’t have been far wrong. Wind howled across the hill, lifting silage wrap and flinging it into the air, spinning it around and draping it across trees. Rain came in starts, slapping you in the face like an icey hand.

I zipped my jacket up a little higher around my chin and pulled my helmet onto my head; it did little to shelter my face from the weather. In the centre of the menage I found shelter behind Caris, 16.3 hands of shire/thoroughbred cross. At 8 years old she had been lunged before my lesson to see how she would react to the weather conditions – she didn’t bat an eyelid. The black mare nuzzled my hand as I pulled down and adjusted my stirrups, and then it was time to go!

Having been used in a riding school, Caris was lazy. I must admit I was a bit surprised at this due the to her age and being part thoroughbred, but saying that Oscar could be lazy at times. We walked around the menage and my instructor went to fetch a schooling whip. It was definitely needed.

When we got her going, she had a lovely, big movement and covered the ground well. In some ways she rode similar to Oscar, having to ride the canter every stride. Only with Oscar a tap of the whip would send him forwards and he would be very sensitive to your leg afterwards. With Caris, she pretty much ignored the whip, apart from once when she threatened to throw a buck.

I didn’t ride as well as I could have, having not schooled since September and not had a proper lesson in a long time. Caris tends to bend to the outside when on the left rein, but the right rein is her – and my – weaker rein and she leaned on my left hand when on this rein. This made things a bit difficult as I haven’t got the strength now to carry a horse and hold her up, AND keep her going in a good canter on a circle to the right when both of us really want to be going to the left!

At some points it was a struggle, but it’s something to work on. I enjoyed every minute of my lesson, despite the weather and my grumpy mare. One day I’ll get her working nicely!

Amazing to be back in the saddle. But now struggling to walk.

Loves to y’all.

Maddi x


7 thoughts on “Weathering it.

  1. Welcome back to the club Mads: it’s been too long! No one rides to their best all the time, especially not when they’ve been away for several months and are riding a new horse. It’s clear Oscar’s your measuring stick, which is rather sweet I think :) Leg-deadness is common, but how lazy to be almost crop-dead too. What a madam! More of this please :D

  2. Yay, glad you’re back on board even if the weather was awful :-) Look forward to hearing more about Caris.

  3. Just like flying – every plane (even the same model) have different characteristics and I fly poorly if a long stretch has occurred between flights. Great blog entry – makes me appreciate riding more!

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