Just Another Monday.

Getting out of bed this morning was a drag. I always set my alarm twice, for 7 and 8. This morning I got out of bed at 8.30.

In Animal Production Systems we have finished the beef unit and moved onto dairy, so at 9 we had the introductory lecture to dairy production – the basics on what the process is, a year in the life of a dairy cow so to speak and explanations on calving, lactation and drying off of a dairy cow. Tomorrow we’ve got a tutorial where we’ll be looking around the dairy unit – it will be interesting to look around with someone who knows what’s going on there because although I’ve been before I always have lots of questions! 

As a one-off we had double law this morning. First a lecture on nuisance and trespass, and then a tutorial in which we watched a video about the case Donoghue V Stevenson, where a woman found a snail in her ginger beer. It could have been more exciting…

Today the Sustainable Crop Production assignment on growing a premium cereal was due. I finished and handed it in on Friday, but there are quite a few people still slaving away over it to meet the 5pm deadline! Finishing one assignment only brings the start of another, as now I’ve started a construction assignment to design an Olympic museum! 

A valuation lecture will conclude the afternoon’s learning today, with the final of the five methods of valuation; contractors method. So I’m pretty sure that by five o’clock my brain is going to be mush! 

This week is RAG week, so the whole week is full of entertainment including Take Me Out Harper Style on Thursday which promises to be a good night! 


I’m going to be honest guys, I’m struggling for blog ideas. I might do a week-in-the-life blog (that will be a lot better written than this!) over the next week at some point, but other than that if you’ve got anything you’d like to know about life at Harper (or don’t want to know) then just leave me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do :)

Ciao for now,

Maddi x


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