Blue Skies Fade To Grey

I don’t know what’s happened, but over the last few days I’ve been feeling a bit glum.  The course is going great, in the last two assignments I’ve got back I’ve got 65% and 68%, which I’m thrilled with. The direction of some of the modules has changed slightly – in Geography and Economics we’re learning about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is difficult to learn about when it’s undergoing reforms as we speak. In Valuation and Professional Practice the module has moved away from valuation and we’re know doing estate management. We’ve only had one estate management lecture so far but I enjoyed it tremendously, as this is really why I chose the course.

Last Friday we had a trip to Ludlow Food Centre. It’s on the Earl of Plymouth’s 8,000ac Oakly Park Estate and here we got to see behind the scenes in the farm shop and spoke to the estate manager about the hydropower scheme they’re working on. She’s also a recent graduate from Harper so she spoke to us about her placement, her job and doing her APC. It was really interesting to speak to her and I would love to be a manager of a large estate. This trip, coupled with a talk I attended recently titled ‘How To Pass Your APC’ has given me a lot to think about  regarding what I want from a placement job and a graduate job. But perhaps having this to think about, even if the placement applications are almost a year off, has meant it’s been on my mind. On the one hand, I’d love to work on an estate. But on the other, working in private practice would be the best way to get through my APC, will potentially a lot more variety and support. Hmmm….

I’ve got another riding lesson tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to. However a half hour lesson every other week is definitely not going to cut it. Having been back for five weeks now, what I’m missing more than ever is taking that time out to groom a horse, have a cuddle, and just generally hack about the countryside. I miss having a horse that you can just tell everything to and offload, and it will just listen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some amazing friends who I can tell everything to. But there’s something about a horse…. I’ve been looking around for a horse to ride a few times a week, nothing fancy, just a hack would do.

Last Thursday was Take Me Out – Harper Style! A great night, absolutely hilarious  especially when one of the lads on my course chose a man in drag to take out on a date to… NANDO’S! Where else do you send students on a date, that sounds like Fernando!? ;)

The night before was a standard Harper Wednesday night in the bar, and my lovely friend Hollie bought me doubles all night without telling me and ensured a good night was had by all!

Tomorrow night’s theme is Cowboys and Indians. And we’ve got some damn fine costumes!

Maddi x


2 thoughts on “Blue Skies Fade To Grey

  1. At Uni, the Second Semester blues ALWAYS struck in February: it’s dark, it’s cold, modules have changed and sometimes there’s disappointing results to get over. The good news is that it’s only temporary, and your assignment marks are good! :D

    What great food for thought from the Harper graduate :) Glad to hear the long-term career wheels are turning, but there’s also plenty of time to choose too, so no pressure :)

    Once you’ve had the love of a horse and the freedrom to do as you like, a fortnightly ride on an RS horse really won’t cut it! Best of luck with the search ;D Let us know how the lesson goes!

  2. Think the other thing about the second semester I found was that the settling in period is over, like Freshers fairs etc. Have you found a riding club local to you? I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and hope you can find a ride. Hope the sunshine returns soon and the grey skies become a thing of the past x

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