Welcome Sights

Yesterday I’d had enough of campus and decided a leg stretch and some fresh air was necessary, so Hollie, Dan and I headed to Ironbridge Gorge for the day. I’ve been to Ironbridge before and visited a lot of the museums there, but it’s only half an hour away from uni and a lovely place so it made for a nice day out.

The bridge at Ironbridge

We parked the car in Ironbridge and strolled through the town. It was an overcast but cold day, and the odd snowflake fluttered down around us. There were quite a few people in the town, but still very quiet compared to the height of summer. We walked across the iron bridge and then along the Severn Valley Way beside the river as far as the foot bridge that crosses over to Coalport, then back along the other side of the river.

A cute little pub by the footbridge….
….and where the pub has been flooded to!

Spring is beginning to arrive. Snowdrops hang their heads under the trees and crocus’s line the banks of the river.

Crocus’s by the Severn

On the way back into the town, we passed a very peculiar looking cottage! I guess you could day it was laid back…

Lloyd Cottage

Back at Ironbridge we stopped at a cutesy tearoom for cream tea by the fire! :) Very nice day out and I’m definitely looking forward to spring arriving!

Maddi x


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