I had ice-cream

Hollie and I had ice cream. The cheap-as-chips co-op value ice cream that someone had left half a tub of in our freezer draw and forgotten about. We sat on her bed and ate it out of mugs and watched The Midnight Beast videos. Last time we had ice cream we had Ben and Jerries and watched P.S. I Love You. This was somewhat of an anticlimax.

I haven’t been doing work. I should have been, but I haven’t. Sometimes you just need a break; I watched the Prince of Wales guest-edited Countryfile, and caught up on some blogs that I haven’t read in a while. OK, so I didn’t do any work at the weekend either but that was Mothers’ Day, a weekend for spending time with my family who I don’t get to see as much any more –  I certainly wasn’t going to do work then.

But I’ve sorted my head – I know what I need to do for my assignments and I’m ready to crack on with them. I’ve got a few weeks until they’ve all got to be in and one of the deadlines has been pushed back, so it has been worth spending half a day gathering my thoughts and mulling them over. We also had a lecture today which was useful for one of the assignments, so hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate what I learnt there into my essay.

The weather has been unusual all day: one minutes brilliant sunshine and blue skies, strong winds and almost blizzard like conditions the next. 

This Friday is the Paddy Ball, which is looking to be really good. I’ve bought my green dress and some killer heels so I’m all set! We’ve now got less than two weeks until the end of term, and a month off at Easter! My diary over Easter is filling up fast with riding Sheryl’s horses while she’s away, going away myself and lifting the boat out of the water for the annual bottom-scrub! 

I had a jumping lesson last week which I’ll blog about separately  but my other ride, Big, is a little footsore so I’m not able to ride her until the farrier has been to put some front shoes on her.

Hope everyone has a good week,




Right now I’m loving this song


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