You’re wearing those heels!?

Mum was amazed at the shoes I bought for the Paddy’s Ball: a few too many inches of black wedge. I admit they were too tall, my feet took a week to recover, but that’s not why she was surprised. A year ago there’s no way I would have had the confidence to go out to that ball, never mind in those heels! How time changes things….

I was never a confident person – be that in my riding or the work I do (I never think it’s right) or just in myself. But things have changed that. Having first a dope-on-a-rope pony on loan and then a horse to take me that little bit further without scaring me silly has helped my confidence on horseback no end. And while I never thought I’d done well in my A-levels until I got my results, I got to Harper didn’t I?! 

I was never really worried about meeting people when I got to Harper for two reasons. For starters I’d never had a massive group of friends, especially at sixth form so I know I’m quite capable of coping on my own if needs must. But mainly because no body would know anyone else anyway! Everyone was in the same boat so I didn’t feel that I was the only one who didn’t know anyone there, and Freshers is a great time to meet people as everyone is looking to talk to everyone and make friends. And now at Harper I’ve got loads  of friends and a babe of a boyfriend even if he does smell a bit like cows so all is good :)



And uni has taught me so much! How to think and develop my ideas, what will influence or have an impact on anyone else, and of course all of that academic stuff about tort law and valuing an office block and how to manage employees and the Common Agricultural Policy and how to grow wheat or produce beef and sheep and pigs! And how to COOK! That’s something I definitely couldn’t do before I came to uni but I like to think a meal I produced wouldn’t poison anybody now… ;)

So we’re two terms in and only about nine weeks after the Easter holiday until the end of first year and then I won’t be a fresher any more and will have completed a WHOLE YEAR at Harper Adams before I’ve even realised it’s really begun!

And in that time I will have sat seven exams, written ten assignments, attended around 400 hours of lectures, 4 #HarperBalls, 25 #HarperWednesdays (If I went to them all), helped lamb sheep and body condition score cows and had many, MANY laughs. 

So now, for the final term, bring on the exams, the memories in the making.

Maddi x


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