Great British Weather

Well I’m currently on Easter holiday and being at uni I get a whole four weeks off for Easter! 

We had a trip to Attingham Park as part of the course scheduled for the Friday I was supposed to come home, but the heavy snow forecast meant I packed up and left on the Thursday to make sure I got home. And boy am I glad I did! Snow started falling on Thursday evening and lots of people got stuck at uni until Saturday  when the roads where clearer. 

Having been home less than five minutes I was thrown back out the door to take Bramble for a walk in the rain (no more snow for us down here) because everyone had just come home from work or school and didn’t feel like it. Well despite the weather  it was nice to stretch my legs after a three hour drive and Bramble has lots of fun.

That weekend Dad and I decided to go for a walk along a section of the Ridgeway and back into town, but the icey Siberian wind meant to cut the walk short, but still walked for a good hour and a half back across the estate. There was still snow on the ground from the week before and Bramble had fun playing in the drifts.


Best Mate was looking pretty chilly in Lockinge!


The following week was spent recovering from the second term of uni, sleeping a lot and a bit of retail therapy with mum on her day off! 

The Bank Holiday weekend saw the first sunshine in a long time! On Friday Dad and I drove down to Portsmouth with a couple of friends to move the boat back to her summer mooring, and it was still bitterly cold so we were both in about 6 layers of clothes and full sets of oilies on to keep warm.

My cousin, Libby, and her baby Mhairi came down to visit on the Monday and stayed throughout the week. I had a great time with them and regressed somewhat, playing with farm animals, painting and going to Snakes and Ladders in Abingdon which is the BEST fun ever! 

On Friday morning we headed off to Watermouth Cove in Devon, which we visit quite often at Easter. We stay at Watermouth Lodges where they have log cabins you stay in and a restaurant and swimming pool, all a few hundred yards from the cove, which is a natural harbour. On the Saturday we went for a walk on Exmoor and the weather was glorious! There was barely a cloud in the sky and we spent a great couple of hours walking across the moor.





And of course there was lots of messing about on beaches…





I’ve now got a week and a half until I go back to Harper for term 3, and a few assignments that need tweaking and referencing, but they’re all pretty much ready so  now the revision begins!

Hope everyone has had a good Easter,

Maddi x


2 thoughts on “Great British Weather

  1. Love your blog! I’m a former country girl before moving to London so reading this reminds me of home in a really great, comforting way!

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