There’s a tent in my shower

It was in dying light and deteriorating weather conditions that we arrived in Waunfawr at the edge of Snowdon. Although we’d got stuck in almost standstill traffic on the A55 on the way over, it had been a pleasant drive along the north Wales coast and into the mountains. We pitched the tent and headed into the house to warm up and get out of the rain, and most importantly – to eat curry!

The reason Hollie and I were in Wales was because there was a Harper Outdoor Pursuits Society (HOPS) trip to Snowdon. There was a group of around 15 of us who went for the weekend, staying in a field at the house of one of the society execs.

On Saturday we set off to Snowdon, driving to Llanberis and then getting the bus Pen -y – pas and walking from there. The weather was looking variable as we set off but we were soon stripping layers off as the sun came out and we gained height. We turned a corner through a pass in the mountain and everyone stopped and went ‘wow’ as the view was breathtaking. The mountain dropped away before us down to the lakes and Snowdon rose behind them, a mass of rock and ice.


We proceeded around the edge of Crib Goch with the mountain rising steeply on our right hand side and falling just as steeply to the left; it’s definitely not a path for the faint hearted! Some sections of the path mean scrambling up and almost shear rock face so we were lucky that it was dry underfoot and not slippery.

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The higher we got the colder it got, and soon we were in the snow line. Here the going became more treacherous with the combination of steep rocky pathways and snow underfoot, but in the end, finally, we made it to the ridge.

It wasn’t much further and we were at the top! And wow were the views amazing… for the few minutes that we could see before a freezing cloud rolled in and turned everything white. Although it was freezing, that was an experience in itself because you literally couldn’t see off the side of the mountain. The cloud stayed with us then as we descended the mountain, until we got to around the snow line. We took a different path back down, to Llanberis, where we had cream tea then drove back to the tents.

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We then drove to Newborough beach on Anglesey with the view to having a BBQ, but having forgotten half the food and equipment we just went for a walk along the beach instead. The rest of the group carried on to the headland but Hollie and I stayed on a grassy hillock and sat in the sun for a while.

DSCN0762 DSCN0763 DSCN0764

Last night was FREEZING! I had many tops and two hoodies on inside my sleeping bag and under a blanket and I was still cold. We left this morning to get back to Harper as I still had a couple of assignments to tweak to be handed in tomorrow, but everyone else went kayaking this morning and judging by their pictures they had a good time!

So there’s a little taster of what we get up to at Harper!

Maddi x


2 thoughts on “There’s a tent in my shower

  1. Had forgotten how beautiful that part of the world is. I’ve not visited Snowdon since I was little. Love your photos and glad you had a good time x

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