The week that was.

Well I haven’t written a post in  a while, it’s been a bit of a hectic week. I’d planned on writing about my riding lesson over a week ago but that had to be put off until I had finished my assignments due last Monday, and last weekend I was camping.

But it’s been a long week.

On Friday, Hollie and I drove to Wales with HOPS (Harper Outdoor Persuits Society) and I did manage to blog about that trip.

On Saturday we climbed up Snowdon, and when I got to the bottom and managed to return the 4 missed calls I had, I found out that my boyfriend had crashed his car and was in hospital having his arm put back together.

On Sunday morning we packed up the tent and drove back to Harper, I printed my assignmnets and they were all ready to hand in.

And on Monday I handed them in, went to lectures, same old same old.

And that was how the rest of the week went. Lectures, revision and assignments throughout the week until Thursday when I went up to the hospital to visit Stephen, which is where he remains.

On Friday I drove the three hours home with the plan to go sailing this weekend. 

But the forecast was gale force winds in the Solent, so that plan was put on hold. And now I’m at home for my birthday, and I’ve been chilling in the sun, cleaning my car and the old Laser Pico which needs to be sold. I took Bramble for a lovely walk this morning and he had a swim in the sunshine before a glass of Pimm’s on the patio.

And tomorrow I drive back to Harper, for another week of assignments and lectures and revision, but hopefully a lot less stress and worry.


Maddi x


3 thoughts on “The week that was.

  1. Happy birthday again Mads! I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day, with the sun, Bramble and Pimms :) My continued good wishes to Steve, and hugs for you: a worrying time for all concerned. Sounds like you’re rocking your assignments though. Can’t be long until summer holidays now! :D x

  2. Happy Birthday Maddi, glad you’ve had a lovely birthday. I hope next week’s a better week and that Steve makes a speedy recovery. x

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