Why I Love Oxfordshire

I took Bramble for a walk up onto the Ridgeway above the Letcombes and round part of the Segsbury Fort. We got caught in a hail storm, but I did get some (what I hope are) atmospheric pictures and experimented with the camera a bit. I REALLY want a camera with a better zoom, but until then it’s the trusty Nokia Coolpix that’s doing the work!

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6 thoughts on “Why I Love Oxfordshire

  1. Great pictures, Maddi! I really REALLY love the “hole in the clouds” one.
    My camera is a Nikon Coolpix as well, but its the P300 which (according to the LSH) is more of a professionals camera. ANyway, I love it, it does the job for me and I can fit it in my pocket when I ride.
    I do use iPhoto though, to tweak some of my photos afterwards. Maybe look into some free/cheap photographic software to see if you can achieve some different effects?

    1. That’s not a bad idea, I hadn’t thought of that actually. The biggest problem I have with this camera is that the zoom is shocking – you don’t have to zoom in very much at all for the picture to become blurry. I think I’ve probably only used the zoom on one of these pictures. x

  2. That doesn’t sound right about the zoom… do you know if it’s a digital zoom or optical zoom? On my camera you can select one or the other. optical zoom is better, digital zoom is just the same as cropping in close in photoshop so you’d lose definition.
    That said, some of my close up macro shots are just cropped in very close in iPhoto afterwards.

    1. Hmm I’m not sure but I’m sure it hasn’t always been that bad so maybe I’ve turned something on/off that I shouldn’t have!

  3. Nice pics Maddi :) You’ve done a great job with the equipment you’ve got! Just to put another software suggestion out there – I use Picasa, have a go with that if you want.

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