Today I had my last exam and have now finished the first year of Rural Enterprise and Land Management at Harper Adams! Time has absolutely flown by, especially the last term and I can’t believe that it’s a year since I was on the Freshers 12/13 Facebook group finding out who I would be living with for the year and who is on my course. Two of my closest friends are the ones that I was in contact with via twitter before we even got to Harper which is nice.

Moving to Harper was the scariest thing I have ever done but I must say it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life. I’ve made so many great friends and had so many experiences I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to fit in to 9 months. I think in the time I’ve spent at Harper so far I’ve learnt the equivalent of the entire A-level courses that I did, especially regarding the agricultural modules because although agriculture is something I obviously have a great interest in I really didn’t know much about it before I came to Harper. The modules are also totally new subjects – valuation for example definitely isn’t something you can learn at sixth form! Construction isn’t very new to me as my dad is a building surveyor, but I did rather enjoy the assignment to design an Olympic museum, and then to survey the cricket pavilion for conversion.

Watching the Facebook page for next years Freshers, seeing them getting excited about Harper and worrying about their A-level exams, I’m so glad that there’s a new set of students who REALLY want to be at Harper, and that’s what uni’s all about; a sense of belonging.



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