Last summer I had Oscar, and I rode nearly every day, schooling and hacking and jumping. Those who have been reading this blog since then will remember we even went out and did a couple of dressage tests, making our dressage debut

This year has been very different! Far from riding every day, a ride a week would have been good going! 

I had a jumping lesson at the beginning of the summer on a mare called Kizmet. We started with one fence, increased it to a two stride double, back to a one stride double and finally a bounce throughout the course of the lesson. Kizmet was really nice, she made me work hard though but I felt a lot more confident by the end of it and got on quite well with the little grey mare.

A couple of weeks ago I had a flatwork lesson on a horse called Jack. Jack’s a fair bit bigger than Kizmet and a more comfortable ride. He’s an old schoolmaster really but knows how to play up. As soon as I picked up my reins he threw his head in the air, striding off round the school. However, by the end of the 45 minutes I had had some absolutely lovely work from him in walk, trot and canter, over trotting poles and transitions all with his head down; some beautiful and rounded work. We also worked on different bends. So I came out of that lesson very happy having felt a massive achievement!

My bestie Sheryl went on holiday and kindly let me ride Sovreign for her whilst she was away. On the first day we were sensible and went in the school, but then the tractors were out of the field and there was stubble galore! So of course we had to go galloping! There have been a few hacks with Sheryl as well since then so Sov and I are getting to know each other quite well.




Maddi x



3 thoughts on “A SUMMER OF MANY HORSES

  1. It’s the old schoolmasters that know exactly how to play up and make you WORK for every single thing! They are so crafty, they know what you want, but don’t give it to you unless you ask properly! What amazes me most though is how they know the difference between a rider who knows what they should be doing (even if only in theory) and a rider who doesn’t really (like an 8 year old kid for example). I’ve watched schoolmasters canter away at the slightest flap of little legs, then proceed to make me beg for a few bloomin strides! You gotta love ’em :)

    1. Yes you do! This horse can do a LOT, so sometimes you think you’re asking him one thing, and you end up doing something you never imagined you could do! But not intentionally!

  2. Now that sounds like a fun, horsey summer! Well done on the jumping and getting such a clever big evader to work so beautifully too :) I’m pretty sure I’ll turn into a stubble field, the amount I love and talk about them… lol.

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