This week is at Harper is the first reading week of the year for second and fourth years – as if first years should be so lucky! Reading week is a week off-timetable so a great opportunity to catch up on all of those assignments (and reading!) that hasn’t been done yet. My aims for reading week are to finish the first assignment we have been set – Rural Professional Practice due in three weeks time – and make a good dent at a few others. We currently have eight assignments to work on, although some aren’t due in until February, so plenty to be getting on with and great for teaching effective time management (definitely not just looking for positives here…!).  But Harper seems to have emptied like a sieve, with a lot of people going home for at least a part of the week. I went home last weekend so don’t feel the need to go home again, so the library is where I will be spending most of the week!


I’ve settled into my house fairly well, living with two other girls on my course and one of my best friends who I lived with last year. Due to some problems with our phone line, we are STILL waiting for our internet to be installed but hopefully by the end of the month we will have wifi and the blogging can get back on track! Hopefully by that time I’ll have something a bit more interesting to share with you all!


Maddi x


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