No Internet Week

I agree with a lot of things in this video and blog. But as much as I would love to turn off the internet for a week, I don’t think I could. Everything at uni is done through email and I use it to access a lot of information, for example market reports which are published through twitter. I also have friends that I’ve made through twitter. However, I don’t think I’d miss facebook – all I do is scroll through it thinking how uninteresting it is in comparison to twitter! So maybe I should log out of that and leave it that way.

paper sailboat design

The project was initiated by Mother, a advertising agency. It certainly is a good way of reinforcing their brand too. Is quite revealing to see how much the Internet has become part of our daily life. I can really resonate with the problem of going on the web whenever I get bored or stuck with my work. I don’t really like to stick it out, I instantly jump to another task. The internet is a great tool, my creative journey benefitted strongly from having internet access. I love the metaphor of the constant information flow being noise, it is true that it actually makes it much harder to think when you can hear everyone else constantly shouting at you. I still think the internet is a great thing – but as anything it needs to be used wisely and in balance with everything else. I’m glad that I’m just…

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