I’ve been at home for the past week as it was Reading Week.  On Friday mum and I went to Welford Park to see the snowdrops, so I took the opportunity to get the camera out and think I came up with some good snaps.




Big snowdrops Big Welford House Big me on a log

Big tree in snowdrops


8 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. HI there, Maddi, saw your post about the aurora on the “My Shetland” blog—one of my favourite reads—thought I’d answer you here. I live in northern Canada and we are seeing some wonderful northern lights here as well at the moment. You asked about the best time of year to see them—as far as I know, it’s not a seasonal thing, but depends on cyclic sun activity and especially on big solar flares, which are relatively unpredictable but more common when the sun is in an active phase, as it is now. Hope this helps! Cate

    1. Hi Cate, that’s really helpful, thanks! I do have family in Canada but in the south so no northern lights there!

    1. Oh wow, I’d heard you couldn’t see them then but obviously that must be wrong! We had some around here a few nights ago! Didn’t see them though – if I’d known they were expected then I would have gone somewhere I might be able to see.

  2. Hi Maddi, just tried pinning from your blog. I use the pin it bookmarklet if there isn’t a pin in share plugin on the blog. As I’m using chrome, a ‘pin it’ button shows up on the top left of each photo too so I can pin using that and it links back to the blog post. Hope that helps :)

    Lovely images :)

    1. Hover over it with the mouse / arrow and it should – it wasn’t as obvious on yours as on others for some reason but is on the top left :)

    2. Well I can’t see that?! How strange! Never mind, I have worked out how to do it from pinterest so I will just have to do it that way! Thanks Lorna :-)

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