This weekend my sister came to visit me.  On Friday we decided to make tacos for the first time as I had an Old El Paso taco kit.  It turns out tacos are the least elegant thing one could possibly attempt to eat!


We went into town on Saturday shopping, and to find costumes for a film themed fancy dress party in a couple of weeks time.  All the parts of the costumes were bought, much money was spent and we came home pretty happy.  Then Steve came over and we all went out for tea at a nice pub nearby, and played silly games like Chinese snap and did Miranda Hart’s Maracattack!


Yesterday I took her to Harper to show her around, as she has only been to Harper when her and the rest of the family dropped me off at the start of the first year!  It was a lovely day so after lunch we decided to find something to do before I dropped her off at the station.  After a quick look on Google we noticed Stafford Castle was en route to the station so decided to stop there on the way and had a nice walk around.  This is where the pictures were taken.

DSCN1420 DSCN1426 DSCN1421


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