My idea of posting every Monday has flown out of the window the past couple of weeks, mostly due to the insane amount of things that have been going on.

The spring term at Harper has finished and instead of going straight home, I visited my cousin and her daughter, and her new baby owl who has been named Boo!


The rest of the weekend was spent with Stephen – we went to the Holstein Club dinner dance and to a 21st birthday party dressed as minions from Despicable Me which was really good fun.

I came home on Monday and managed to get a couple of really nice rides in with Sheryl on Super Cob Sov between the usual coming-home bits and pieces that needed doing.

On Monday I was back off to Cheshire again, for one night at my Grandparent’s before heading to Chatsworth in Derbyshire!  I spent two days with the Land Agency department at the Chatsworth Estate Office to meet everyone and to get to know a little more about the estate, before I start working there in July.  I will be spending a year working in the Estate Office for my Placement Year from my uni course, and it can count as a year towards a minimum of two for my Assessment of Professional Competence to become an RICS qualified rural chartered surveyor.

I had a fantastic two days, and the weather was lovely which is always nice!  I saw where I will be living next year, and different parts of the estate and got a chance to have a look around the house and gardens.  I didn’t have too much time in the house as I had to get to Stephen’s that evening, but it was definitely something I want to go back and look at properly when I have more time to take everything in and spend hours gazing at artwork and amazing dining rooms.

Chatsworth Selfie
Chatsworth Selfie
Chatsworth House
Chatsworth House


I’ve now got lots of revision to do for the remainder of the Easter break, and it will be a case of hitting the ground running up until exams when I get back to Harper! I just need to get the exams out of the way and then I can spend a year on this lovely estate!!



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2 thoughts on “BUSY

  1. Well done for coping so well being so busy! Chatsworth looks amazing, and the minion pic on fb might be one of my faves so far this year :D

    1. Thanks Debz, it was really fun being minions although Steve wanted to be the fireman one and basically just ran around going ‘neeenawwwwwneeeenaawwwwww’ once he had put his costume on!! :P

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