I’ve realised my last post was a couple of weeks ago, and a lot has happened!

After my last post there were two weeks remaining of the Easter break.  I spent a lot of this revising, but also managed to get down to the boat with dad.  The idea was that we would go for a day sail, but also tidy up a bit and get her ready for my birthday weekend sailing.  However the day sail wasn’t to be, as when we got onto the boat we discovered that the mainsheet and main halyard hadn’t come out of winter very well.  For those that don’t know about sailing, the mainsheet is attached to the boom and is used to control the general position of the sail, and the main halyard is used to hoist the sail up the mast (anything with halyard in it hoists something, so a spinnaker halyard hoists a spinnaker, flag halyard hoists a flag etc).

Photo source:
Photo source:

Both of the ropes were very worn, one had even gone fluffy, so we decided that it would be unsafe to use them as they take a lot of strain.  We spent the rest of the day cleaning the Saharan sand off the side decks and doing general jobs that needed doing before ordering some new rope.  So now she is all ready for my birthday, we just need to run the ropes back on.

It was also my sister’s 18th birthday on the last weekend of the holidays!  All of the family came down, we put a little marquee in the garden and dressed up and had a party. It was nice to see everyone, it’s not very often that the whole family gets together and we have 5 generations now. There’s my great grandma, nan, aunt, cousin and my cousin’s daughter. 5 generations and all women.

Me and the littlest of the 5 generations!
Me and the littlest of the 5 generations!


Now I am back at Harper, to revision and 7 exams coming up! Less than six weeks left now, and that’s half way through uni.

Scary stuff.


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