And we’re off..!

I’ve been very busy since I last posted – a combination of lots going on and lots coming up!

For my birthday I took a few days off from revising for the bank holiday weekend at the start of May and went down to the boat with my parents and Stephen.  Steve had never been sailing before so we had a great time showing him the ropes – literally – and sailed over to East Cowes for the Saturday night, and spent Sunday night in Haslar before heading home and back to Harper on the Monday.

Since then it’s been all go with revision.  Lectures were mostly revision and exam preparation and finally stopped on 9th May for Reading Week, and now the exam period.  I went home for Reading Week, so I could see the family and break up the days of solid revision a bit by walking the dog! I did enjoy being home in the sunshine and being able to sit and revise in the garden, as we haven’t got a garden at the house in Newport.  

Last Friday was the official opening of the Weston Building at Harper Adams, and I was invited along to see it be opened by presenter and farmer Adam Henson.  I have written a blog about this for the Harper website so I won’t say much about that here, but I will post the link to that blog when it is published. 

I had a really nice weekend in Cheshire playing with baby calves and the like, and now it really has got serious with exams!


My first exam was today, Woodland Management.  We had a choice of seven questions and we had to answer three.  The questions covered subjects such as thinning, pests and disease, woodland establishment and uses for wood products such as the construction industry or wood-fuel.  

I think the exam went quite well as the range of questions meant that I could chose the ones I was most comfortable with, and the questions were as I expected which is where doing lots of past papers has come in useful. 

The next exam is Planning Law and Practice on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for me on that one!

Good luck to everyone else who has exams at the moment!




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